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  1. Permit holder agrees to indemnify and hold Ahtna Inc. and its subsidiaries harmless from any and all liability created by the permit holder by virtue of the issuance of this permit
  2. Permit holder agrees not to leave any refuse or other material on Ahtna lands or to discharge same into any water body. Permit holder further agrees not to disturb the natural habitant in any way.
  3. Permit holder acknowledges the ownership of the lands subject to this permit by Ahtna Inc.
  4. This permit is the property of Ahtna Inc. and must be surrendered to Ahtna Inc. upon its request
  5. This permit is void unless signed and dated by an authorized agent of Ahtna Inc. and applicant
  6. Camping and campfires are allowed in designated areas. Campfires are allowed with the Camping Permit with the stipulations tha land will be cleared to mineral soil to a minimum of 2 feet in diameter, campfires are not allowed on mossy or organic soils, fuel is limited to down and dead wood, and fires will be completely extinguised before vacating the area. The permit holder assumes full responsibility for the result of any fires they start
  7. All motorized vehicles are restricted to specified trails. Tresspassers will be prosecuted.
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